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3 min readApr 9, 2021

People who want to influence decisions about their daily lives but also the future of the planet need good technology. Good technology means secure, scalable, verifiable and usable by everybody.

At Civicpower, we love technology. And what we love most of all is to make it available to as many people as possible. We think it’s a useful approach because we need more and more technical tools every day to guarantee our freedom in a world that is more and more connected and where technological leaders are more powerful than the States…

Our solution is available in two modes of use:
- our shared public voting cloud allows you to organize a vote in a few minutes and at no cost. The platform is operated by Civicpower, in its sovereign data centers,
- your private voting cloud in either one of our sovereign data centers or in your data center, a virtual machine that is totally secure, encrypted and cannot be modified during the voting process.

On the user side we offer a very easy to use web application :

all this available on the open source git here MIT License and divided into three components:
- app: the front itself with a basic PHP/HTML/CSS/JS stack,
- api: the api link with DB (en vote blockchain to be delivered in next release),
- bo: the ballot management here again a basic PHP/HTML/CSS/JS stack.

But the cool thing about Civicpower is the virtual voting machines. And the even cooler thing is to host them in a sovereign data center that we want to be as independent as possible on all technological layers. Yes, it sounds a bit paranoid but when it comes to voting, it’s always better to anticipate everything that can happen.

We have identified three main parts to building a Civicpower data center:
- the hardware level: you can’t do without it to scale up. We announce our IP addresses, we manage our local network, our physical security, our VPS,
- the infrastructure software level: logical security, DNS, mail & SMS, VM manager,
- the application level: the CivicID user base and the servers of the public voting cloud must be decentralized, just like the voting blockchain, the private voting clouds are located in a specific data center and will be decentralized in the future.

We are actively working on automatic VM generation (several options under study including hypervisor/terraform or openwhisk), the ICO funding resources will help us move faster on this point.

We have a mock-up of the public voting cloud currently running on EC2/AWS and creating the first CivicIDs.
The blockchain is being finalized, based on Precedence from our parent company inBlocks

Your comments are welcome on contact[at]!

The Civicpower team is now more than twenty people within the foundation, the integrator Votelab and the token POWER team.
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